About Us

It was a brisk November day when my wife called to let me know that she and our new puppy were just a few minutes away from home.  As her car pulled up, I looked into my little guy’s beautiful eyes for the first time.  I was overcome with joy now that he was finally home!  Even my wife’s report that after being separated from his litter he cried during the entire three-hour drive, in addition to the potty breaks he took (in the car), didn’t put a damper on the joy I felt at being the proud papa of our 8-week old puppy.

Who knew the arrival of an 8-pound ball of furry love could cause so much anxiety!  We worried about making the best choices for his food and treats (scrutinizing his food labels more than we did our own!), resisted the urge to perform quality inspections on the grooming salons we visited, and tried not to badger our vet too much with the 20 questions we had during the frequent visits those early days.  We even interviewed countless dog walking companies and insisted they meet our boy to ensure they knew just how special and unique our puppy was.  Like many new pet parents, we realized the gravity of our responsibility to this new and integral member of our family.  There was so much information on pet care, we had tons of decisions to make, and above all, with our busy schedules, we felt somewhat overwhelmed.

After serving in the military, I settled nicely into a career in trade. But, when our puppy came into our lives it was a total game changer!  I was always a passionate dog lover, and the combination of immense love I felt for him, and a void in quality pet care, inspired me to create Doggy’s Delight.

At Doggy’s Delight, we understand that your pet is family, and you want only the best care for them.  That is why the Doggy’s Delight approach is based on professional insight, passion for pets, and above all, delivering the highest quality of service to our customers.  As a member of the Doggy’s Delight family, our vow to you is to be a trusted partner in helping care for your pet!

Malcolm, CDW
Pack Leader ~